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To enhance the well-being of individuals and families coping with grief, loss, and life struggles, we embrace a service system built on the pillars of trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. Our deep-rooted philosophy centers on our clients, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to their support and care.

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What We Do

Behavioral Interventions for Children, LLC


Joseph D. Jacobs provides the highest quality psychotherapy for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

ABA Therapy

Our ABA services are designed to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, or behavioral difficulties

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Behavioral Interventions for Children, LLC (BIC) is a rapidly growing behavioral health service agency with abundant opportunities for advancement.

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Who We Are

Behavioral Interventions for Children, LLC

Behavioral Interventions for Children, LLC (BIC) serves individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families in Los Angeles County with applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, consultations, and training.

The behavioral programs at BIC are designed to help individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to improve their communication, social, and interpersonal skills. All programs are developed and supervised by Dr. Joseph Jacobs, a doctoral-level board certified behavior analyst. These interventions are based on principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). ABA is the application of the principles of learning theory to change behavior of social significance (1968). This treatment approach has been endorsed by the US Surgeon General (1999) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (2001) for treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder. BIC offers a highly personalized approach tailored to individual needs of each client. Developmental milestones and unique strengths and weaknesses of each client and their families are considered for development of treatment goals and optimal interventions based on the principles of ABA. 

Our company is currently a vendor for the Westside Regional Center (WRC). WRC is one of the 21 regional centers that provide services to persons, age three and above, with a disability. In California, services for those with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, are coordinated through the Regional Center system of the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS). As a vendor for WRC, we will be providing ABA services to eligible individuals who utilize the services of any of the 21 regional centers.

The Department of Developmental Services phone number, to answer consumer and applicant appeals procedures questions, is 916-654-1987. Visit Appeals & Complaints: CA Department of Developmental Services for a description of appeals procedures.


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